Warmly welcome to “European Wunderkinder – Unlocking Europe” an free to use European educational tool that gives you the opportunity to delve into the engagement with the future of Europe as well as learning in an innovative way the core function of the European institutions and the political system of the European Union.

If you deal in your learning context no matter if in school or in non-formal education with the two central aspects of the European future and the internalization of the political System of the EU than “Unlocking Europe” offers an innovative and participatory way of learning. We kindly invite you to take your young people onto this European hero’s journey. Understanding Europe, learning about Europe, creating Europe, these are the core pillars of this educational tool.

Together with the “European Wunderkinder” you take your participants on this European adventure to let their European future become reality. There will be thinking and conceptualization, there will be crafting and performing, there will be puzzling and decoding, there will be creating and presenting, there will be dancing and singing. “Unlocking Europe” offers an interactive and participatory learning process that deciphers a complex European issue. Thus, democratic European citizenship will be supported.

In the download section you have the opportunity to get the tool description. This basic description gives you a better understanding what the tool offers and how it works.

The concrete game materials are not openly available for a download as all the surprises, hidden processes and the game-based turnarounds would be accessible for potential players which should remain secret to keep the magic of the game for the participants. You just need to approach the Europhaus Marienberg to get the password for the protected download section thus getting access to all game materials.

If you have played „Unlocking Europe” in the original version or in any to your convenience adapted version we would be happy to receive your feed-back and your impressions. You can send written reports as well as multimedia material. All collected game experiences and impressions will be published in the “Impression” section.

„Unlocking Europe“ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Thus, it is qualified as “Free Cultural Works” which can be freely applied, played copied and/or modified by anyone.